No Mark Thyroid Treatment

No Mark Thyroid Treatment

No Mark Thyroid Treatment - Dr. Anirudha Patil

The transoral vestibular surgery approach is no mark thyroid treatment which leaves no mark (wound) on the neck because the thyroid gland is accessed through three small 3-10 mm incisions inside the lower lip. Through these incisions, small instruments like the diameter of the pen are passed under the skin and down to the thyroid or parathyroid it's called no mark thyroid treatment. Standard laparoscopic techniques are then used to remove mark the affected gland, which is placed inside a bag and removed through the middle incision forno mark thyroid treatment. The incisions are closed with stitches that dissolve on their own.

Initially patients were scared of thyroid surgery owing to predominantly two reasons:

First being possibility of voice change\loss, and second being presence of unsightly scar (mark) over the neck. The introduction of Trans-oral technique provides a No Mark Thyroid Treatment in Mumbai. Also as laparoscopic instruments are used which provide magnification, the identification and preservation of nerves for voice production is easy leading to no change in quality of voice after this procedure. this is precisely the reason that more and more patients are turning up for surgery.

Are You a Candidate for No mark Thyroid Treatment(Transoral Thyroid Surgery)?

People who need their thyroid or parathyroid glands removed are potential candidates for scarless thyroid treatment. Ideal candidates for this type of no mark thyroid treatment may have the following diagnoses:

  • Thyroid cancer nodule less than 2 cm
  • Thyroid removal for benign conditions such as goiter or Graves’ disease
  • Benign thyroid nodule less than 6 cm
  • Primary hyperparathyroidism
  • Limited secondary or tertiary cases of hyperparathyroidism
  • Our multidisciplinary team thoroughly evaluates each patient to recommend the safest, most effective treatment.

Which patients are suitable for this technique?

For optimal results, patients are extensively screened and selected according to preset guidelines. Following are the group of patients which can be considered for trans-oral thyroid surgery.

  • 1. Thyroid cyst (Recurrent)
  • 2. Colloid nodular goitre
  • 3. Multinodular goitre
  • 4. Follicular adenoma
  • 5. Graves Disease
  • 6. Toxic thyroid nodule
  • 7. Parathyroid adenoma

A size restriction of 5 cm nodule with FNAC proven benign pathology is prerequisite for the procedure.

Is the (Transoral Approach) No mark thyroid treatment Safe and Effective?

Studies have shown that no mark thyroid treatment results in similar cure rates as in conventional open thyroid surgery. As with any treatment, there are some risks associated with the procedure. However, based on current scientific literature the no mark thyroid treatment approach seems to be as safe and effective as the traditional approach for the great majority of patients.

What Is a No mark Thyroid Treatment?

No mark thyroid Treatment or trans oral vestibular methodology (TOVA) takes into account the shel-tered and all out expulsion of the thyroid or parathyroid organs with definitely no outer scarring to the neck. Of all purported "No mark thyroid treatment", the transoral procedure is the one in particular that is genuinely scarless. Albeit different kinds of thyroid and parathyroid procedures may not leave a mark on the neck, they do leave a scar at the elective entry point, the armpit, hairline or areola.

Advantages of the TOVA are two-overlap:

It safeguards the common appearance the neck and leaves no outer token of the activity and gives a brisk and simple recuperation.

About the No mark Thyroid treatment Approach

The No mark Thyroid treatment Approach leaves no twisted on the neck in light of the fact that the thy-roid organ is air conditioning cessed through three little 3-10 mm cuts inside the lower lip. Through these cuts, little laparo-scopic instruments (about the breadth of the pen) are passed under the skin and down to the thyroid or parathyroid. Standard laparoscopic procedures are then used to expel the influenced organ, which is put inside a pack and evacuated through the center entry point. The entry points are shut with join that disintegrate individually.

It is safe to say that you are a Candidate for No mark thyroid treatment?

Numerous people who need their thyroid or parathyroid organs evacuated are potential contender for No Mark thyroid treatment.

Perfect possibility for this sort of No mark thyroid surgery may have the accompanying diagnoses:

  • • Thyroid malignant growth nodule under 2 cm
  • • Thyroid evacuation for kind conditions, for example, goiter or Graves' malady
  • • Benign thyroid nodule under 6 cm
  • • Primary hyperparathyroidism
  • • Limited auxiliary or tertiary instances of hyperparathyroidism

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No mark thyroid treatment